The social dimension

The city’s stark socio-economic divides were brought into sharp relief by the crisis, but on the other hand there were also instances of cooperation and community building, fostering social cohesion.

The crisis highlighted the plight of half a million poor Capetonians effectively living Day Zero all the time. While it made social differences more stark, there was convergence of water usage across income groups.

Learning from crisis | Duration 0:17:37

We don’t face a water crisis, posits Andrew Boraine, CEO of the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership – we face a human crisis, a crisis of lack of connectivity between people.

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Kim Kruyshaar talks about the sense of community in her neighbourhood during the crisis, and the decision to choose cooperation rather than chaos.

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City dwellers take for granted their right of access to potable water provided by government. The experience, attitudes and expectations of South Africans in rural areas such as the Eastern Cape are starkly different, says Amanda Gcanga.

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