During 2017-2018, in the grip of a multi-year drought of unprecedented severity, the South African city of Cape Town, with a population of 4 million people, suffered a water crisis that threatened to turn it into the first major city globally to run out of water. The Cape Town Drought Response Learning Initiative captures, distils and disseminates the lessons to be learned from the crisis, applicable to the manifold urban resilience challenges increasingly faced by cities around the world.

Drought Response Film Library

In-depth interviews on the cape town water crisis

The Cape Town Drought Response Film Library is a unique resource, created by conducting and filming in-depth interviews with the key societal actors across a wide variety of sectors involved in the city’s drought response.

Sustained Learning Dialogue

Fostering learning to build city resilience

Convening a series of workshops with key individuals who were involved in the crisis, this phase of the project creates space to stop and reflect, to express and consider sometimes opposing viewpoints, and to articulate agreements on lessons learned.