Peter Flower

11 September 2019 | Duration: 01:43:26


Peter Flower Pr Eng practices as an independent consultant providing consulting and advisory services locally and internationally. He retired in April 2019 after serving in the Water and Sanitation Department at the City of Cape Town for 40 years, leading it since 2013 as its Director. Peter ran the 4,000-strong Department throughout the water crisis and on many occasions was the voice of sound, technical information and reassurance to the citizens of Cape Town. Peter studied engineering at UCT and during his career in the City was responsible for leading the long-term strategy to reduce leaks, develop advanced pressure management protocols and, latterly, in response to the severe drought in the region, he led the implementation of City’s “New Water Program”, incorporating both resource development and demand management initiatives, in terms of the New Water Strategy (passed in Council May 2019).