Mavis Manyati

28 February 2019 | Duration: 00:25:14


Qondiswa Mavis Manyati is a community activist working with the Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC), an NGO supporting communities to drive their own development agendas with an overarching objective of making cities more inclusive. Mavis herself lives in an informal settlement in Philippi, Cape Town, called Block 6, where she moved in 2004. Previously she had moved from her home in the Eastern Cape to Cape Town in 1991 where she initially lived in an informal settlement called iBloekombos. Despite her daily experience of access to potable water entailing the necessity of walking far and queuing for around 20 minutes each day to secure 25 litres from a communal standpipe, during the water crisis she collaborated with fellow activists to call on homes in their neighbourhood to encourage residents to reduce their water consumption still further.