An unrivalled collection of in-depth filmed interviews with the key individuals involved in the drought response

It is a defining characteristic of large complex adaptive systems in distress that they defy simplistic analyses, glib solutions, readily available remedies. With that in mind, this first phase of the project proactively seeks out a multiplicity of voices, diverse perspectives, contrasting narratives.

The Cape Town Drought Response Film Library documents and gathers in one place all the insights gleaned from the intense first-hand experience and unique vantage points of those most closely involved in crafting the city’s crisis response, across a variety of sectors: government, business, agriculture, hospitality, media, academia and civil society.

The film library is managed and maintained by the University of Cape Town’s African Climate and Development Initiative as an online research asset, and made available to local and international researchers and journalists on request.

Each filmed interview, on average an hour in duration but in some cases running to more than two hours, is accompanied by a summary of the key points made in that interview, a detailed index to the interview’s contents, and a short bio of the interviewee, to optimise searchability and user accessibility of the material.

Interviews are produced to a high standard, characterised both by high production values applied in the filmmaking and a deep engagement with the content, with thoroughgoing research and preparation beforehand, extensive and intensive coverage during the interview, and rigorous examination and summarising of the material afterwards.

To date 30 interviews have been conducted and filmed. Another 10 are planned. When complete, the library will contain an estimated 50 hours of interview footage, constituting by far the most comprehensive record of first-hand observations, analyses and reflections on the event.

Cape Town Drought Response Film Library


Cape Town Drought Response Film Library





Group head of sustainability for Woolworths Holdings, one of South Africa’s leading retailers of food and clothing, headquartered in Cape Town.



Water programme manager at GreenCape, a non-profit organisation working to support the transition to a resilient green economy in the Western Cape.



Social innovator, entrepreneur and facilitator, rooted in the Cape Town tech ecosystem, testing new possibilities for collaboration that can solve complex social problems.